Thursday, August 29, 2013

on the shelves - 13 months

rings on a post
Elise started out stacking one or two rings, 
and now she's able to do all six!
(stacking rings - Plan Toys)

capping/uncapping "markers"
Elise is fascinated with taking the caps off markers
 and then putting them back on.
I got the idea for this simple activity from Montessori ici. 

opening and closing round containers
A little vintage variation of the ever popular 

pulling scarves out of a box
A diaper wipes container filled with nylon scarves
- you know, the little old lady kind!
Whenever we listen to music, Elise runs over
and pulls out a scarf or two to dance with.  :)
cube in a box
I couldn't bring myself to actually buy imbucare boxes,
so I've been improvising.  This one is made from a painted cracker box!

a basket of farm animals
My little Montana girl has been loving farm animals lately.
Most of these figurines are made by Schleich.
They're just right for naming and making animal sounds!

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