Monday, August 12, 2013

opening and closing round containers

Check out Elise's first opening and closing lessons here and here!

the containers closed

the containers open

Want to see this activity in action?  Here, let Elise show you how it's done!  :)

step one:  
Remove the lid to discover what's inside...
Ooo... hand-painted, southwestern coasters!

step two:
Dump the coasters out of the box - fun!

 step three:
Carefully put the coasters back into the box...

step four:
Put the lid back on the box.
Done - easy peasy!

I didn't get a photo, but Elise actually put the box of coasters back on the shelf!  Typically, she takes something out, plays with it, and then leaves it on the floor...  Hopefully this means her sense of order is kicking in, and she's going to start keeping this house shipshape! 

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