Wednesday, August 21, 2013

busy hands - toddler edition

harvesting food from the garden
(Elise loves pulling, picking, and tasting!)

wading in the creek
(This girl is going to have some tough feet!)

 pulling the tape out of a 
tiny tape measure
and pressing the button
to suck it back up
(Elise repeats this activity over and over again.)

scooping up yogurt with a spoon
(Elise has also started practicing using a fork.)

finger painting with edible paint
(I made it by mixing equal parts flour and water
- and a couple squirts of food coloring.)

digging fingers and toes 
into some sand by the river
(Get this girl a sandbox already!  Actually, we're in the process
of building the ultimate sandbox,
but sometimes playing in nature's sandbox is truly the best! )

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