Tuesday, July 16, 2013

on the shelves - 12 months

a bag of personal care items
This activity is part treasure basket, part vocabulary lesson.  
After Elise takes out an object and explores it, I tell her what it is called.  
She doesn't repeat me yet, but I know she's soaking it up like a sponge! 

rings on a post
Elise has been enjoying this stacking activity for awhile now.  
To keep it interesting and add a little challenge, 
I replaced the wooden rings with silver bracelets.

hinged boxes
Elise continues to love opening and closing boxes. 
Every so often, I put out new boxes or change the objects inside.

birthday card basket
This basket holds the cards Elise received for her first birthday.
She enjoys looking through them - they're kind of like little books!

peg and cup
Elise spends a lot of time exploring how the peg fits into the cup.
This activity is slightly more challenging than the egg and cup - 
both came in a set from Pinkhouse Handworks.  

a tube of balls
Do you recognize these felt balls?  They're from the gobbi mobile I made Elise last summer! 
(The tube is a Pringles can wrapped in fabric - I got this idea from Montessori Beginnings.)
Elise enjoys taking out all the balls, and then putting them back in the tube - again and again!
 Although it's a bit beyond her skill level, she works at putting the lid back on the tube, too.

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  1. Cool! I like the personal care basket will have to make one up. Thanks for the link: )


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