Wednesday, June 5, 2013

looking back at baby elise part 2: montessori mobiles

Elise turns one in a month!!!  Over the next few weeks, I'm going to celebrate by posting some of my favorite memories of her first months that I haven't shared on itty bitty love.  :)

black and white circles mobile
Elise's age: birth to 5 weeks
Notes:  I used a paper punch to cut lots of circles out of black and white paper.  Then, I sewed the circles into long strands with my sewing machine, and tied them to a wire hoop that Hubs made.
This was one of Elise and my favorite mobiles because the slightest movement of air made the circles dance!

the munari mobile
Elise's age:  birth to 5 weeks
Notes:  I followed this tutorial.  I made the shapes from felt - which I would not recommend!  Although they looked nice, they were heavy, and this is a seriously tricky mobile to balance.  The sphere I chose was a glass ornament found on ebay.

Elise and Hubs sleeping under the Munari mobile on our first day home from the hospital - Elise is only two days old!  Oh, how I love these people!!!

the octahedron mobile
Elise's age:  5-8 weeks
Notes:  This mobile was the easiest of all the mobiles to make!  I followed this tutorial.  With my mom's help, we put it all together in less than 2 hours.  I found the metallic card stock in the scrap-booking section of Micheal's. 
the gobbi mobile
Elise's age:  8 weeks and beyond!
Notes:  I used these instructions.  My mom and I spent an entire day making this mobile.  We even dyed the wool ourselves with Kool-Aid!  We attached eye screws to the wool spheres (they easily twisted into the felt), and then tied the string to them.  I've since taken this mobile apart, and we've been using the balls in other activities!

Although it isn't a mobile, I wanted to include this beautiful black and white quilt my mom made Elise.  At first, we hung it over the edge of her bassinet - Elise is 3 days old in this photo.  Later, it became a perfect spot for tummy time!

If you're feeling very pregnant and full of nesting energy, I would highly recommend making any of these mobiles!  I was so glad I had a little selection for Elise's first months of life. 


  1. oh wow - I am pregnant and have been wanting to come up with some patterns to stimulate eyesight... these are gorgeous and I am so stealing my mums' sewing machine now!

    Thank you for sharing!xx

  2. I love this post! Gobbi is my favorite mobile, but the first one with the paper circles is very smart and seems easy to make, I'll keep it in mind!

  3. So great to see other people using these incredible mobiles. My mom and I tried to hang the Munari when I was 38 weeks pregnant! Seriously not a good idea I was super sweating and frustrated and it took forever to get the balance right!
    I also made the mistake of using embroidery thread for the gobi. Took FOREVER!! LOL nice result but ...
    Loving your looking back posts xxx

  4. Great work! I just finished the Octahedron and I'm putting off work on the Gobbi. While I love it the embroidery floss is so tedious to work with. Must power through... only 2 months left!

  5. Oh, I love hearing about all the mobiles that everyone has made or is making! Hooray for homemade materials!

  6. Oh so cute patterns to improve the eyesight but it is so frightening to hang it, we never know when it will fall. Let us just be with the baby.

    1. Hi Bernardette! I didn't mention this in the post, but I continually checked to make sure that the mobiles and the mobile hangers were very secure. I know that accidents do happen, but I felt confident that nothing would fall fall on Elise. I do agree with you that just being together with your baby is the best! Thanks for your comment, Anne


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