Friday, February 25, 2011

clip-on koalas

Are you tired of strengthening your fine motor control 
with those same old clothespins????
We have been loving these cute little koala clips!  When you squeeze their backs, their arms and legs open and you can clip them onto lots of things.  We have been clipping ours onto this wooden spice rack.  These koala clips are the perfect challenge for the child who is working to strengthen his pincer grip AND build coordination and control of his movement.  They are not easy to open - you really have to have strong fingers - but they are so much fun, even the littlest hands in our classroom will manipulate them all morning long.  

I remember having lots of  clip-on animals like these koalas when I was growing up.  The 80's were just rad like that, I guess.  I found some koala clips on amazon, but they seem a little on the spendy side to me.  Click here if you want to check them out. 
Does anyone have any other ideas where you can find animal clips?  
We want more!!!



    70p is around a $1 think, not bad (though delivery would apply)

    Too cute!!!

  2. I remember to have one when I was a child : I loved it!

    Your activity is really nice! Thanks to show it :=)

  3. I had these little Koalas too!! My girls still have one, not sure if I had more than just him or not but they love playing with him. Will keep my eyes out for other furry friends and let you know if I see them somewhere! : )

  4. Those cute little guys need some eucalyptus leaves to munch on!

  5. Oh my gosh! I "totally" remember these from the 80's. My Mom had them clipped to the rear view mirror. Great idea to bring back a blast from the past!! Kerri

  6. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Montessori teaching methods!! Give me a job here!! I am in love with your school! ;^)


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