Friday, March 4, 2011

busy hands

the ridiculously popular
bead work lesson, 
in action
building towers 
with the knobless cylinders
 skip counting by eights 
{can YOU do this?}
building and writing a useful word 
with the moveable alphabet 
{useful words are words that get used frequently, 
but you can't quite sound them out - the, is, of, are, was....}
exploring objects from the 
"l" drawer of the alphabet box


  1. i love seeing inside your classroom! i'm currently introducing my son to the alphabet montessori style with sandpaper letters i've made and we're matching objects that start with the letter we're working on... do you start with lower case or upper case letters? i have been starting with lower case letters.

  2. Lovely work, Anne. I like the skip counting extension. I still find it amazing how the five year olds can do this work, even though I see it happening every year and I understand the science behind it!

  3. Yes, anytime the beads come out- it's WILDLY popular :)

  4. It is probably not only me - every time you allow us to glimpse inside what is going in your classroom, I can almost touch the peace and joy and pure happiness that are written all over your children faces. Thank you so much for this inspiration!
    Where did you get this bead work..?:)

  5. Your busy hands posts always make me smile :)

  6. I'm so excited to find your blog. I have just interviewed with a Montessori school and will be going in to observe on Monday. Yay!


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