Sunday, February 20, 2011

busy hands

 grading color tablets from  
darkest to lightest

 writing and illustrating  
a story

 building and writing 
short vowel words

 counting spindles
{Wrapping each quantity with a colorful rubber band 
makes this lesson a hit!}  

 scrubbing chairs and tables
{This is one of our FAVORITE afternoon activities!}

All you need to get scrubbing
is a bucket of water, soap, and few brushes or sponges. 

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. I really love the grading color tablets! How did you make the pieces? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Annie! Your Mum just checking in.... I also liked the color tablets. It appealed to my love of putting fabric colors together. Talk to you soon.

  3. Miss A - the color tablets are from a Montessori company - Nienhuis Montessori, I think. I have also seen homemade versions made with paint chip samples from the hardware store.

    Nancy - Love you, Mom - thanks for reading! ;)

  4. I'm sooo glad you're back! Really missed your creativity, enthusiasm and zest for life! You inspire me!


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