Wednesday, June 11, 2014

the pea fort: part 2

Hi there!  I just wanted to pop in for a quick "Hello!" and to give you an update on the awesomeness known as The Pea Fort.  The peas and beans we planted a few weeks ago are up and climbing the walls!  Woo hoo!  It's turning into quite the magical little hangout for Elise - and for me, too!  Most days we'll bring out a blanket, a few pillows, a snack, and a basket of books, spending the entire morning lounging, listening to birds sing and other cheerful neighborhood sounds.  Another little addition that we've been loving is the bird feeder - can you see it hanging in the back?  A pair of American Goldfinches have become regulars, and I think they're the prettiest little birds I've ever seen. 

I hope all has been well with you lovely readers and that you've been enjoying Spring! xx.


  1. This sounds wonderful Anne! We are finally getting some nice weather here and have been enjoying every minute of it! Good hearing from you! x

  2. Hi Deb! Soak up all the sunshine you can!!!!!! :)

  3. It looks really great! And I think Elise has the same trike as Finn :)

    1. Hi Elsa! Does Finn pedal his trike? Elise mostly just scoots hers around and fills the back compartment with "treasures." We're thinking about getting her a balance bike soon - does Finn have one of those?

    2. Hi Anne, I just saw your reply! Finn has only just started to pedal it and it looks so hard! He has a balance bike which he loves, you should definitely get Elise one if you can! How are you both? It would be nice to know what you're up to! Please keep updating!


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