Friday, December 4, 2009

gift wrapping 101

As you probably already know,
I LOVE practical life lessons.

For one thing, there is a never-ending supply
of practical skills that one can learn.
{We're never short on inspiration when it comes
to putting together PL lessons for the children.}
Another thing I find fabulous about these lessons
is that they give the children so much independence!

My lovely co-teacher Christy came up with this
present wrapping lesson
that debuted in our classroom this week.

The children think it's genius.

First, a child chooses an ornament.
You can't tell from the photo,
but there's a variety of boxes and wrapping paper squares
for her to choose from, too.

The child carries the materials she will need
{ornament, box, wrapping paper, scissors, tape}
on a tray to a table.

Then, the wrapping begins.

The children have been very successful
with the taping...

and with the folding, too!

After the present is wrapped,
the child places it under a wreath in our classroom.
{We're hoping to acquire a tree soon!}
At line time, the children take turns unwrapping the presents
and hanging the ornaments on the wreath.
{We're using a list of names to keep it fair - VERY important!}

What has impressed me the most about this lesson
is the problem solving skills I've observed the children using.
This child is carefully cutting off the excess paper...

and this child is adding paper.
Having too much or not enough wrapping paper
is a problem that most gift wrappers encounter, right?
{I love seeing the different ways the children deal with it!}

At first, some of the children were frustrated that they couldn't
bring their carefully wrapped presents home...
but now, they've actually embraced the idea
of giving a gift to their classroom!

Hopefully, they'll take these skills home
and wrap presents for their friends and families, too!


  1. That is a really neat idea! Love it!

  2. Cute!! If you can't find a little tree I just made one last night with two tomato cages, two 9 ft garlands and some lights/ornaments : )

  3. It IS genius - what a fun thing to do!

  4. Love this! I'm going to set this up at home.


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