Tuesday, December 2, 2008

glitzity glitz

The children have been loving this ornament-making lesson! It's slightly more challenging then the orange pomander lesson, but they are thrilled about taking home sparkling balls to hang on their trees.

What you'll need:
** Styrofoam balls (those green florist balls
would work, too... maybe even better!)
** Pins - both regular and beautiful
** Sequins

How you do it:
Pick out a sequin and a pin. Push the pin through the hole in the sequin into the styrofoam. Repeat over and over until the ball is covered. We've been attaching nylon loops (like from those potholder kits that were all the rage in the "80s) to the balls with pins to use as hangers.

I haven't actually decorated a whole ball myself, but I think a few in a bowl would make a lovely decoration - especially if the sequins were all the same shade of olive green and the pins all had pearly heads. Several smaller decorated balls would make a pretty mobile, too. If only there were a few more hours in the day! Oh, if only!

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