Monday, December 7, 2015

a little tour: e and f's montessori-inspired bedroom

Check out the tour of Elise's Montessori-inspired baby nursery here.

A shared space for a big sis and a little sis to


and - of course -

  monkey around!

A big, cozy bed is just right for three-year-old Elise, who sleeps through the night
- with the exception of occasionally getting up to use the potty.

A thin mattress on the floor, alongside a large mirror, gives almost-two-month-old (!) Freya a clear view of her environment and encourages movement.  She takes one or two lovely 2-3 hour naps here during the day.  This is also where she sleeps at night, but not as independently - you'll often find me here, too, nursing, snuggling, and snoozing!

The yellow shelf is home to a basket of finger puppets, a rotating selection of books, cozy blankets, and a few other treasures.  Toys and homeschool materials can be found downstairs, where we spend most of our time.  While the chair feels big for the space, it is the perfect spot to nurse and read, so - for now - it stays.  The "closet" on the left is my favorite part of the room...

It's inspiration came from a Montessori Facebook group - a basic cube shelf with a board across the top.  Easy peasy!  Elise's baskets are pink and Freya's are green.

Each one is labeled - "shirts" and "pants" for Elise, and "baby clothes" and "diapers" for Freya.

Behind the curtain is a rack for hanging more clothes and a basket for laundry.  The top of the shelf is for sweaters.

The room's official closet would be nearly impossible for little people to use - a quirky, old-house feature that's just right for a book nook!

Thanks for coming on the tour,
 and happy Monday - hope your week is swell!  :)


  1. This is such a beautiful room and a great example of how to set up a shared space!!

    1. Thank you, Kylie! I remember your post about Casper and Otis' shared room once upon a time! :)

  2. wow really very nice post thanks


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