Friday, March 6, 2015

MT beach weather

The spring-like weather took us out on a little adventure this morning.
Instead of our usual loop through the park, we went a little further,
and explored a sandbar along the Yellowstone River.

Rosie went swimming!  
Wild dog - do you see the size of her stick?

Elise joyfully dug into the sand,
warm on top, cold underneath.
She told me she was "looking for creatures."

And me?
I sat back and soaked up the sunshine.

A perfect Friday activity.  :)

After our walk, I put together this invitation to create
with a few of the treasures we collected by the river,
 and a ball of fresh play dough.

You may not know, but we have recently switched to - gasp! - cooked play dough!
Yes, we ran out of cream of tarter one day, so we made a "no cream of tarter needed" recipe found on pinterest.  
The texture is comparable to the gooey Play Doh from the store.
Here's a link to the recipe we've been using:  Homemade Playdough (To the Moon and Back).

Anyway, I really want to put together more open ended art activities like this for Elise
- who has been creating like crazy lately!
This particular activity was inspired by this post from Happiness is here.
Do you read this blog?  I just discovered it a few days ago, and I can't get enough.
Check it out!

Happy weekend, friends!  

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