Thursday, March 12, 2015

busy hands - toddler edition

slicing strawberries
to top our morning oatmeal

dressing a doll
- doll clothes are a great way to practice buttoning, zipping, and snapping!

whoo hooo!!!  listening for owls
- inspired by Jane Yolen's Owl Moon.

scavenging around the house
for circles, squares, and triangles

filling a spool rack with beads
- a fun idea I'd seen floating around the Montessori facebook groups!

the completed project
Elise ran out of beads, so she finished filling all the posts with - surprise! -  spools!

exploring our winter nature table
- Usually our nature table is filled with items found in nature,
but this little variation inspired lots of play 
when the outdoor world was covered in snow!

Oh!  I'm in this one, too!  ;)
hanging peanut butter pine cones 
- a wintry treat for all our bird friends in the park! 


  1. I love the spool rack and beads! It's so colourful!

  2. Hello, Anne and Elise! I'm so happy looking at your activities! The spool rack is such a great idea! I should get one for me and Cara!


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