Wednesday, November 26, 2014

looking back at summer: the pea fort

 ^^ The Pea Fort - July 2014 ^^

I took a little blogging break over the summer, 
and I know there are A LOT of readers wondering 
What ever happened with The Pea Fort?  

For those of you who just started reading itty bitty love, 
The Pea Fort is a trellis-like structure we built 
and planted pea and bean seeds around 
- in hopes of creating an edible playhouse for Elise.  

You can read more about it here and here.

^^ Elise feasted on peas and beans all summer! ^^

I had plans of picking some to freeze and enjoy over the winter, 
but all were consumed immediately upon being picked, 
either inside or just outside of The Pea Fort.  :)

That makes more sense anyway,
don't you think?

^^ The Pea Fort The Snow Cave - November 2014 ^^

What will we plant next year?

Maybe more beans and a few less peas.
(The pea plants died-back once the weather got hot,
and it was tricky pulling them out from around the bean plants.)

I'd also like to try a climbing flower or two.
Morning glories?  Sweet peas?  Hmmmm...

We have all winter to dream!


  1. It turned out beautiful! I love the bunting, what a great addition. Did you snuggle with Elise in the pea fort reading books? Oh, and the snow cave! You made me laugh!

  2. Thanks, Elsa! Yes - loads of snuggling and reading! We would bring out a basket of books, pillows, blankets, dolls, snacks - the works. I think if our yard was a little more private, we probably would have slept out there, too! Ha! Who knows? Maybe next summer!

  3. I love the pea fort turned snow cave! Especially the snow cave part. Cannot believe you all have (had?) that much snow! We are growing grass over her in western mt.

    1. Hi Chelsea! Yes, we woke up Wednesday morning to over 7" of snow! It was all gone by Thursday, but then it snowed about 5" yesterday and it got really cold. We've been doing lots of sledding, and every time we go out, I reminisce about all our Pete's Hill shenanigans - the good old days, right?!. I miss you!!!!


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