Tuesday, May 6, 2014

the pea fort: part 1

 ^^hard at work on the pea fort^^

Spring!  Spring!  Spring! 
I know it's been spring for over a month now, but around here, it's finally starting to feel like spring, too... and we just can't get enough of it!  We've been spending nearly all day, everyday outside - soaking up the warm air and watching the world wake up from its wintry sleep.  Ahhhhh!!!!

Elise's practical life skills have expanded to include digging, planting, weeding, watering - and building!  I've been drooling over pea trellis teepees and stick forts for some time now on pinterest, and we finally decided to combine the two ideas and build a pea fort.  Yay!  I am so excited for Elise to have her own nook to play in outside this summer, and to experience growing and eating her own food.  So far, it's just a frame, but soon we'll plant peas, beans, and some other climbing plants, and *hopefully* they will grow and cover Elise's little fort with leafy green goodness.

I promise to keep you all up-to-date!  ;)

some more pea fort inspiration:

1. Teebonacci Playhouse in the Garden (Organic Gardening)
2. Woodland Fort (dig this chick)
3. Bean Teepees (Lullbutton's Farm) 
4. How to grow your child a living den... (HubPages)

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