Wednesday, October 1, 2014

pumpkin scrubbing

On a recent trip to the grocery store, we were delighted to discover 
the pumpkins had arrived!  Yipee!

Better yet, they weren't your typical, shiny grocery store sugar pumpkins...
Oh, no - these little gems were cheerfully coated in a layer of pumpkin patch grime,
just begging to be scrubbed!

As soon as we got home, Elise gathered her supplies and went to work:

This activity should more appropriately be titled "pumpkin spraying" 
because that is without a doubt the part that two-year-old Elise likes best  
- after the pumpkin, of course.  ;)

My girl is completely enamored with that little, orange squash,
greeting it each morning with a kiss 
and calling out a "Good bye, pumpkin!" every time we leave the house!

Spray, scrub, dry

Even though out little sugar pumpkin has been quite clean for several days now, 
Elise continues to enjoy the whole process.  

That makes this Montessori mama happy because
nothing beats scrubbing for strengthening little fingers!

If you're uncomfortable about all that soap and water inside, 
That's what we did last year, and it was a HUGE hit!

Happy 1st day of October, friends!


  1. Look at you go! Elise looks so grown up! I spy a calendar in the background! Is it for Elise? I have been meaning to make one for Sixtine and Victoire but I am not sure where to start.
    Have a beautiful month of October Anne and Elise x

  2. Hi Deb! Yes, I just put together a calendar for Elise last month, and she loves it! I got a lot of good ideas from the calendar on the Counting Coconuts site, although ours is quite a bit simpler. Maybe I'll do post about it one of these days! ;) Kisses to you and your lovely little ladies, too!

  3. We're going to go and get a pumpkin from the farm today! And those are very dirty, perfect for scrubbing!
    I'm also interested in your calendar, making one for Finn is on my (long) to do list! Please post about it!

    1. Fun! I hope we can do something similar soon - there is a you-pick farm near us and they always have nice (and dirty!) pumpkins! My to do list is ridiculously long - what have you been making for Finn lately?


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