Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"uh oh! the baby's out of bed!" - a finger play with Anne & Elise

I'm a little mortified about posting a video of myself - do I really sound/look like that?!! - but I thought this would be a fun way to share one of our favorite finger plays with all of you!  It's a slightly modified version of The Baby Chant from Chants, Finger Plays, & Stories by Bev Bos.  Enjoy!  Hope your computer doesn't break!  ;)

here's the baby (hold up pointer finger)
put the baby in the bed (lay pointer finger across palm of opposite hand)
cover the baby up (wrap fingers around pointer finger)
kiss the baby good night (kiss pointer finger)
uh oh! the baby's out of bed! (open hand and hold pointer finger up)

You can continue by saying, We must have forgotten something!   Encourage your child to come up with reasons why the baby keeps getting out of bed... maybe she needs a drink?  or a diaper change?  As those of you with a little one - especially, one who sleeps on a floor bed! - know, the options are pretty much limitless!


  1. Oh don't be, you look fabulous and this video is adorable! Elise's hair has grown quite a bit!

  2. I think you two are too cute! What a nice reminder of an easy and fun thing to do with a busy toddler. I'll remember this when having to wait for an appointment (or the like.)

  3. I love this! You are both very cute! What a good idea to share videos, I might get a little inspiration from you ;)

  4. We loooove this fingerplay! I saw it on your blog a while back but now that my son is a bit older, it's his favorite. He likes the tickling at the end the best. :) Thanks so much for sharing this!


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