Monday, December 23, 2013

countdown to christmas: days 3-6

Here are a few more days of E's Christmas countdown!  Each morning, she opens a small gift accompanied by instructions for a simple, corresponding activity. 

day 3:
snowflake paper punch - make snowflakes

The paper punch was a little too big for Elise's hands, but we still had fun!  We also played in fresh snow outside and read Snowballs by Lois Ehlert (Elise loves this book right now).

day 4:
bird ornament - make bird feeders

A classic winter activity - peanut butter and birdseed on pine cones.  We tied them with red yarn to a few trees outside our windows, and later that afternoon we watched a Northern Flicker swoop in for a taste!

day 5:
dog bone cookie cutter - make dog treats

We used Martha Stewart's recipe for Easy Homemade Dog Biscuits to make treats for Rosie and a few special dogs around our neighborhood.  They turned out so delicious, it was hard to convince Elise to share them with her canine friends!

day 6:
bubble bath - take a holiday bath

Inspired by Montessori Beginnings, Elise took a special, "snowy" bubble bath.  Earlier in the evening, I snuck into the bathroom, lit a yummy smelling candle and draped a strand of white lights around the room (not too close to the tub, of course!).  I also put together an assortment of whisks, scoops, etc and a squirt bottle of water with a drop of blue food coloring.  The lavender bubble bath was the icing on the cake - Elise thought the whole thing was fab!  

One more day until Christmas...

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