Monday, November 18, 2013

on the shelves - 15 & 16 months (in action!)

stacking trucks
One of Elise's older friends loaned her these trucks when he heard how much she likes to stack rings on posts.  ;)  While she doesn't necessarily put them back together (yet!), she loves pushing them around and taking them apart.
(stacking trucks - Melissa & Doug)

pounding balls with a hammer
We've been using this material for months now, but I just recently introduced Elise to the hammer. 
What's old is new again!
(punch and drop activity - Plan Toys)

peeling clementines
I'm so excited for citrus fruit to be back in season!  Pulling the peel off this juicy snack is a great way to strengthen fine motor control, as-well-as develop organization and problem solving skills.

 sorting and stacking rings
Elise continues to explore this intriguing stacking activity.  While she occasionally rebuilds the cone to its original form, she seems to prefer taking it apart and creating her own combinations!
  (cone sorting activity - Plan Toys)

It's been a signing explosion around here lately! Elise loves reading this book, which features illustrations and photos of children signing familiar words. Bear, wind, book, and all done are some of our favorites!

dropping a cube into a box
I made this imbucare box a few months ago, but Elise has only recently showed an interest in it. 
Now, she thinks it's so great, she hauls it all over the house.  Seriously.  

Oh, how I love this girl!

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