Sunday, October 6, 2013

on the shelves - 14 months

 the learning tower
Elise is now able to climb into and out of her learning tower all by herself!  This is a great spot for stirring, scrubbing, and sampling (E's favorite!).  If you're deterred by the cost of a new learning tower, check craigslist - that's where we found ours, and I see them on there frequently.
nesting tubes
A friend loaned us this Plan Toys Cone Sorting activity.  There are actually two parts to this activity:  the nesting tubes on the inside and the cone-forming rings on the outside.  Right now, Elise is exploring the tubes - next, she'll try out the rings.
rainbow people mover
Minus one blue person - any guesses where he could be???  He's eluded us since day one.  Hmmm...  This is the first "toy" I've bought Elise in months, and she loves taking the people out and putting them back in the holes. 
"Ball!" is a word Elise has been saying a lot lately.  This rubber ball from Crocodile Creek is just the right size for her to carry, throw, and kick. 
first purse
Elise continues to love having her own purse.  Occasionally, I change the contents to keep it fresh.  Yes, it's waaaay more organized than mine - no old shopping lists and receipts for this girl!
  Louise and friends
Elise has recently become very into playing with dolls and stuffed animals.  She wraps them up, feeds them, and carries them everywhere.  I put together a little basket of fabric and ribbons to help support her play.  Honestly, I am over the moon that Elise likes Louise so much -  I definitely feel inspired to make more toys!    


  1. You are so lucky to have found a learning tower! I've resorted to using a small table the I move to the middle of the kitchen when LJ works at it. It does the job but would rather have him working up beside me.
    Love your toys!

  2. I didn't know you were the maker of Louise - you are so talented, what a beautiful dollie! I understand why she is so dear to Elise's heart! I would love to have a learning tower but I can't find a used double stroller of my taste here, let alone a learning tower haha. Sixtine usually seats on a high stool and I trust she is secure there. I still have to come up with a purse for her - I think it is just brilliant!

  3. Ugh, I wish new learning towers weren't so expensive, because they are so nice to have! When I first got ours, I was proudly showing it off to our neighbor (her daughter is Elise's age). After I got done explaining all of its virtues, she said, "So, it's basically a stool." Ha, ha!

  4. Haha, yes, a very large and expensive stool! My family are also not impressed by our Fun Pod!


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