Tuesday, October 8, 2013

e's first "bank"

I made this simple activity by cutting a slit into the lid of a baking soda container.  Elise still puts things in her mouth, so I opted for large washers rather than real coins.  The satisfying "clink" they make when they land at the bottom of the container is definitely a big point of interest.  After all the washers are in the container, Elise usually gives it a shake or two before taking the lid off to retrieve them - an additional fine motor challenge!

I love watching Elise's mind work as she tries to figure out which way to orient the washer to make it fit through the slot.  I also kind of envy her casual flexibility - really, who sits like that?  ;)


  1. This was and still is a hit with Sixtine! She just loves inserting coins (I used poker chips haha) in yoghurt containers! Did you see this post: http://sixtineetvictoire.com/practical-life-activities-for-toddlers/ You might want to try it as well!

    1. I actually searched all over for poker chips first, but couldn't find any! Thank you so much for sharing the link to your post - I love all the activities! I think Elise would be able to put the popsicle sticks into a slot - where did you find such colorful sticks? I'm also going to remember using the slotted spoon to scoop balls out of water.


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