Tuesday, October 1, 2013

busy hands - 14 months

filling an egg carton with rocks
Elise is endlessly fascinated with rocks - soon they'll all be covered up by snow!

stacking rings on a post
We have borrowed a couple of these types of stacking activities from friends.  This one is made by Plan Toys.

caring for Louise 
Elise has been really into tending to her dolls lately.  She will spend the better part of the morning covering them in blankets - it's really sweet. 

picking the seeds out of a spaghetti squash
We sprinkled the seeds with salt, pepper, and cumin and then toasted them in the oven.  They were yummy, but kind of hard for someone with only six teeth to eat! 

reading in the book nook
Elise continues to enjoy hanging out in her book nook.  Right now, she's really into "lift the flap" books.

sweeping leaves off the sidewalk with Nana (my mom)
I love that somehow Elise ended up with the big broom, and my mom with the child-sized one!


  1. Sixtine has the exact same toy (stacking rings on a post) and she loves it! I like this type of toy because they last long in the sense that it grows with the child. Victoire likes to chew the rings, and plays with them too!

    She also has the same doll bed - well, actually, she doesn't know that yet! It is a vintage piece bought for her birthday! How cool! Did you name her doll Louise? What does she call it? Sixtine calls her doll "baby".

    I am so fond of your reading nook - I would love to have something like that in the house but I find Sixtine doesn't have a very big interest in books. She likes them but not that much if you know what I mean. She has always been like that. She ate her books and wouldn't sit still when I read to her. Do you have any suggestions for encouraging her to read/be read more?

    Would love a child-sized broom too! Sixtine loves to use ours :)

  2. Elise, loved the rings when she was a baby, too - I agree, toys that grow with the child are the best! I can't wait for Sixtine to have her birthday, so I can see her doll furniture - it sounds so cute! I named the doll Louise, but Elise also has a little doll that I call "baby." Elise is just starting to say a few words - none for the dolls yet. She says "ball," "hot," and "hi." I can't wait for her to start talking more! Elise has always loved books and being read to, but I don't know if it's anything we've done or if it's just her nature. Ha! Maybe I'll do a post on it, because I have a lot to say about it! ;) Elise's little broom is a small broom that we found at the hardware store, and then cut down to size, She likes it, but she still likes my broom the best!

  3. The photos are very beautiful! Astounding, what children even at the age of 14 months are able to do, isn’t it? They are so fantastic! We adults often underestimate them. Thanks for your blog and its message!
    P.S.: Even Julia collects big stones, we will use the idea of the egg carton for ourselves! ;)


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