Wednesday, September 25, 2013

inspiration from blogland

I want to share two blogs that I've come across recently that have given me a TON of inspiration.  As a Montessori mama, I'm always on the look out for ways to help my 14-month-old daughter become independent and successful in our home environment.  I'm sure I'm late to the party, and you've all been reading these blogs for ages!  If not, please click on the links below to read about two creative, Montessori-inspired approaches to parenting!

Here are two ideas that I just can't wait to try with Elise...

This cheese and bread food preparation activity from Sixtine et Victoire takes me back to my teaching days.  The children in my classroom all had one thing in common: they all liked to eat, and they all LOVED eating food that they had prepared themselves.  I can't wait for Elise to experience this! The other day, I watched her use her finger to smear the yolk from an over-easy egg onto a slice of toast, so I think she may be ready to do a simple spreading activity like this one.

There are only a few things in life that Elise dislikes so far... being strapped into her car seat and having her hands and face wiped off after meals.  This bathroom set-up from Eltern vom Mars (Parents from Mars) seems like it would be a much more pleasant and respectful way for Elise to care for herself.  Really, what toddler wouldn't love using a bathroom space designed just for them? 

Thank you to all the mamas, papas, and teachers out there who take the time to share their creativity and wisdom -  you definitely keep this mama feeling fresh and inspired! 


  1. Yes, children love it to coat their breads with butter and so it taste a lot better. Even my daughter is very interested when i finish her snack. And so sometimes even gets a tiny little piece of butter on her bread when she tries… :)
    A lot of thanks for the linking of my blog, i can’t wait to read from your experiences of „coating the butter“ and the handwashing afterwards.
    So long,

  2. Thank you for sharing Sixtine's latest favorite activity Anne! Elise will soon be able to help more in the kitchen and eventually cook for you! hehe I have a toddler-friendly apple crumble recipe (they love to squish don't they?) on my blog as well that you could try. I think Sixtine was about 18 months when we made it!


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