Monday, June 3, 2013

busy hands - baby edition

...and busy feet, since Elise has been doing everything standing up or walking lately!

 pulling yellow treasures
out of a yellow bag

cruising around the house
with the walker wagon
cruising around the house
without the walker wagon(!)

Elise absolutely loves this jar of wooden spools
(Sometimes she puts a few back in
rather than just taking them all out!)

helping plant peas in the raised bed
(Elise didn't actually put any seeds in the ground, 
but she was adamant about holding the seed packets!)

exploring a treasure box
full of objects that rattle

a closer look inside 
the treasure box

picnicking along the Yellowstone River
with friends
(The adults ate cheese, watermelon and chocolate.  The babies mostly ate sand!)

Hope you find a patch of sunshine this week - it sure has been rainy around here!


  1. I love the dog following her around. She doesn't seem to mind!

  2. Ha, yes - Rosie and Elise are inseparable! Rosie is so glad she finally has someone to herd, and Elise just kind of rolls with it. Occasionally, she laughs or pets Rosie - although her "petting" is more of an eyeball grab! :)


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