Wednesday, April 17, 2013

the velcro board

I saw this over on Chasing Cheerios, and knew we had to give it a try.  Remember how much we love velcro?  Anyway, our velcro board has been a big hit with Elise for the past month.  I can't decide which she enjoys more, pulling the objects off the board, or sticking them in her mouth afterwards!  Either way, Elise is strengthening her control and coordination of movement AND stimulating her senses.

To make this activity, I attached strips of sticky back velcro to a board (It's actually a wooden plaque).  Then, I stuck smaller pieces of sticky back velcro to the bottoms of some wooden objects.  I found all my supplies at  Michaels, and spent about $10.  I always stay with Elise while she's using the velcro board because some of the objects are small.  Also, Elise really likes to chew on the little pieces of velcro, so I check them frequently to make sure they're still firmly stuck in place.

Oh gosh, I was just looking at this last photo, and there's Rosie!  Do you see her?  What a creeper...  I think she bombs 90% of the photos I take of Elise.  This baby sure is lucky to get herded by a cow dog all day!  :)


  1. Shere brilliance! It's going on the to do list!!

  2. Rosie is the best photo bomber eve, I especially like that she looks kind of guilty. This is a really good idea! Way to go on your blog, all of these post have bee awesome! And I have a little bean to test the ideas out on soon!!!

  3. Okay so I bought all the same stuff from Michaels and it must be WAY more expensive in Canada!! Now my Velcro isn't sticking!! Arg. I'm going to get hubby to staple gun it all on I think. How did you make it work?

  4. The velcro I bought took 24 hours to cure - or something like that. I made it in the evening, and when we woke up, it was secure. The staple gun would probably be a good idea for the little pieces - I worry about E eating them! GOOD LUCK!!!

  5. I was told that to make sticky back Velcro stick better use a hairdryer to warm up glue before you press it onto the object.


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