Monday, April 15, 2013

on the shelves - 9 months

 the circle treasure basket
A variety of lids to look at, chew on, and hit together.  Lids scavenged from around the house. 

 the ball drop
This is our version of the object permanence box.  The ball is dropped into one of the three holes on the top, and then rolls out the hole on the side.  Box and ball purchased here, and then slightly modified.  :)

egg and cup
This activity is great for exploring the concept that things fit together.  Plus, the egg is perfect for chewing on!  Egg and cup from Pinkhouse Handworks.

the photo album
Elise always enjoys looking at photos of herself and other people she knows.  I switch the photos out occasionally to keep it fresh.  I like the concept of a baby photo album, but I don't like the way the plastic sleeves stick to the photos in this one.  Still curious?  Check it out here.

 the blue bag
A blue bag full of blue objects to explore.  Can you guess which one Elise likes the best?


  1. if it were my 9 month old boy, I'd guess the teaspoon since its the one object Mama uses a lot. Baby toys are the least interesting to him!

  2. Yes, she loves the teaspoon! Her second fav is probably the little microfiber dusting thing on the right. I agree with you - an official baby toy interests her about a second, but she'll investigate a real tool that she's seen me use for MUCH longer!

  3. Ren's fave of the blue objects would have been the stacking circle with the hole in it. He's such a boy.


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