Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween recap

Hubs and I always make pumpkin people for our porch.
{The witch was my favorite this year!}

Ooooooo.... spooky!
Here's the porch at night.
{red lights - some with white paper globes, spider webs, and bats}

It was even spookier in the entryway!
{black light, tissue paper ghosts, orange flagging, and frightening portraits}

We nibbled on monster fingers and toes.
{Get the recipe here.}

Here I am dressed as Carmen Miranda, having a ball!
{One of my top 10 favorite costumes}

Overall, the evening was spook-tacular!
{I can't wait until next year!}


  1. Ok that child portrait is seriously spooky! Nice to see a fellow Halloween nut. Love your costume!

  2. Your pumpkin witch is awesome!

  3. Veeerrrryyyy Scaaaarrrrryy!
    Looks so fun, I would love to come trick or treating at your house!


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