Friday, October 30, 2009

busy hands

tweezing terrifying spiders
from a box filled with black beans
{much easier to clean up than rice!}

lacing wallpaper pumpkins
{more durable than regular paper}

pumpkin number sequencing
{the idea for this came from My Montessori Journey}

opening bottles
{filled with imaginary potions}

using tongs to arrange orange puffs on a palette

rolling out sugar cookie dough
{get the recipe here}

cutting out a bat

and adding the final touches...

ta da!
the scary treats fresh from the oven
{We ate them all day long!}

our finished jack-o-lantern mosaic
{Featured today over at The Crafty Crow!}

Happy Halloween Eve!


  1. what a fun bunch of activities. The cookies look so delicious, and so unique. The jack-o-lantern turned out great.

  2. Beautiful! Love the mosaic idea! Love to try it with my students! :)

  3. great activities... the kid's must really love coming to your class!

  4. Ahh busy hands make for some beautiful creative work and lots of fun.

  5. So fun!!

    I seriously want to be in your classroom
    (with my girls of course) : )

    Because I love you so, we tried your paper towel color mixing lesson on the weekend and I just posted our results on my blog!

    xoxo pink and green mama


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