Friday, October 2, 2009

apple graphing

A concrete first-experience in bar graphing:


Earlier in the day, I had gathered an assortment of apples.
Some were from the store,
and some were picked from the trees on the playground
{A few even had bites taken out of them by worms and birds!}
I gave each child an apple,
and asked them to think of different ways we could sort them.
When a child thought of a way,
I wrote it down on strips of paper.
Then, each child put his or her apple on the chart
above the appropriate label.
We counted and made lots of observations...

it was really fun!

Some of the ways we sorted the apples:
color {red, green, red and green}
sticker or no sticker
size {small, medium, large}
stem or no stem
shape {sphere-shaped, ovoid-shaped}
bites or no bites

Here's a photo of the blank bar graph I made.
It worked so well, I think I'm going to make a more permanent version
out of poster board or laminated paper.
I wrote the numbers on the left side
and drew lines across to separate the rows.
I cut up several strips of paper to write the labels on;
if you had a laminated graph,
you could write the labels with an erasable marker
and wipe them off when you were done.
Actually, you could to that with the numbers, too,
depending on what scale you wanted to use - 1's, 5's, 10's, etc!

Hmmm... I wonder what we'll graph next?


  1. completely brilliant. Now, all I need are a few apples ( or socks, or bricks, or books or.....)


  2. We did apples today too. We cut 3 different types of apples and found the star and counted the seeds of each apple. We also tasted each apple. We then made apple prints and cut apples for apple sauce. At the end of the day we had our applesauce snack. I will post pics on my website.

  3. LOVING this idea. I think we might try it with toy cars. (Glad you are back to blogging, btw)

  4. I just discovered your blog via Pink & Green Mama. Had to say how much I love it. I'm a kindergarten teacher and can't wait to implement some of your ideas. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  5. I just found your blog and I love it! I teach preK in Washington. We are not a Montessori school, but I love the concept of Montessori and, therefore, have loved learning about your school and your projects. We graph apples as well, but I loved your concrete graphing. Great idea.

  6. like the graph! made cider with Arlee preschoolers last week; WHAT FUN! We made so much cider that the kids started getting hungry and every now and then an apple with a few bites out of it would show up in the press.

  7. I have used a big floor graph made out of an vinyl tablecloth. It lasted through lots of activities.
    Thanks for the ideas you share-I get some good ideas here.



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