Friday, September 11, 2009

busy hands

building a tower
with the broad stair
~I love those legs
lounging in the background!~

"tap, tap, tap!"
hammering barnyard animals
onto cork board with tacks

using an eyedropper
to fill a whale ice cube tray
with orange water

carefully carrying scissors
and special snipping paper
across the classroom

the snip cutting begins!
~I wish I could show you the
on this little person's face!~

twisting a nut
onto a bolt

sorting teeny tiny treasures
from two drawers of the alphabet box
~/a/ and /f/~


  1. Hi! I have been reading yr blog for quite some time and get always new ideas to improve in my classroom. Thank you!!
    I am wondering now what the children do when they fill the ice cube tray, do they use the eyedropper? If they do, do they really have the concentration to finish the work?

    Thank you

    MarĂ­a, la casi sueca

  2. Hi!! I love your blog and always get new ideas for my little ones at home. I have the same question as Maria. What do the children do once the ice cube tray is full? I tried having my 3 yr old dropper it back into the cup but he lost interest.

  3. Good question about the ice cube tray! The 4 and 5-year-olds in my classroom are more inclined to take the water out with the eyedropper; that said, they sometimes loose interest and pour it out into the sink (a bucket for waste water works, too). I don't think it's a big deal if they choose to pour it out. If I really wanted them to not pour it out or if I was doing this lesson with 3-year-olds, I would suggest using a tray with only a few places to fill... I'm not sure if ice cube trays like this are available, but I sometimes make my own trays by cutting down plastic candy molds. Those little soap saver things with suctions cups work well because they don't hold as much water. Also, sometimes we use an eyedropper with a really big ball on the back - it sucks the water out with one squeeze. (I think it might be made for cleaning ears or something!)

    Hope this helps!

  4. I love the nut and bolt! I wonder if they have those at the hardware store......


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