Thursday, September 10, 2009

apple tasting

The first two apples we tasted
were picked from the playground....

The children made observations about their
color, size, taste, and texture.

I recorded their observations,
and then they voted for their favorite of the two.
~We decided that there was no
right or wrong answer;
it was just a matter of
personal taste.~

The next two apples we tried
were from the grocery store.
~We looked at their stickers,
and discovered that
one was grown in Washington
and one was grown in New Zealand!
(both a LONG way from our playground!)~

red delicious & granny smith

our results
~The children had a tough time choosing a favorite!~

The last apples we tried were of
mysterious origins...
one was from a playground tree
and one was from the store.

We used our apple tasting skills to determine
was which.

the results...
~The sweetness of the pink lady apple
was pretty much a dead giveaway :) ~

*I did this apple tasting experiment with the kindergarten students this afternoon. These 5 and 6-year-old students are part of the regular mixed-age classrooms, but everyday they meet to do something special together for 20 or 30 minutes. If you're interested, I'll try to share some of these games and projects that we do. This one went over huge - anything with food usually does! Even the pickiest of picky eaters got in on the action! :)


  1. Of course, we are interested. You didn't think otherwise, did you?...:) Thanks for sharing, Miri

  2. fun activity... the kids probably really liked this!

  3. Please do!!!
    Thanks for sharing
    MarĂ­a, la casi sueca

  4. That looks like soooo much fun. I always wish L could be in your classroom but when I think about it I wish I could be there as well! : )

  5. This is a fun idea, we have an apple tree we want to have some kind of ceremony with.

  6. Great for the little ones! We just had an apple tasting picnic and enjoyed using new vocabulary to differentiate the apple types :) Visit:

  7. This is awesome! I tried to leave you a comment, but I'm not on google + yet. I agree, people who don't like apples just haven't met their apple match yet. I love any apple picked fresh from a tree, but honeycrisps are my favorite store-bought apples. Thanks for sharing your link.


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