Friday, August 28, 2009

How are YOU feeling today?

At the beginning of the school year
-hmmm... all year, actually-
I try to help the children identify their emotions.
Not only does this improve the way a child communicates
with us teachers AND with their friends,
it validates the way he or she is feeling.

A lesson I'm loving right now:
The cards are from The Kindness Curriculum,
and there are lots of different ways to use them.

-Of course, you could easily make them yourself!

If so, I would suggest writing the words below each picture...
that's the one thing that bugs me about these cards!-

I like sitting with a small group of children,

taking turns making faces into the mirror,
chatting about times when we felt surprised or angry.

How I feel today:


  1. Nice Post! I love how you are back to blogging! And I love how you did the picture! I made that lesson up! (You forgot to give me credit! ;) hehe!
    But what do you mean about the words? They are on the cards!
    BTY: We had the best day today, the kids were AWESOME!!! And so was Becky, she even taught circle time! We rock!

  2. Hi Anne :) I printed up something very similar a week or so ago - but the faces weren't as cute (or obvious) & now I'm wishing that I just drew my own like you suggested! We call ours our "Emotion Buddies" because no matter what we're feeling one of the them will be feeling the same. I printed 2 sets of each so we can also use them as a matching game but I didn't think to include a mirror. Nice idea :)

    btw, I'll try & ask Hug to let me photograph him giving a lesson on finger knitting so that I can post it for you. He does lots of it at school & at home too sometimes. I'm sure some of your children would really enjoy it, it's very soothing.


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