Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1st day of school...

I am too tired to write much... but, I just have to say,
it was good
really, really good.

I took these photos of the classroom
before I went home for the day.
What a happy place!
Maybe it's the new yellow paint on the walls...
or the fact that it was finally filled
with busy, smiling friends again!


  1. ooohhh!! I want to go too. (I wish I went to a montessori preschool -- I REALLY wanted the girls to go to one but they cost a fortune around here!)

  2. I love the "new classroom" feel. I hope you have a WONDERFUL school year. We look forward to your many wonderful ideas :-)

  3. Your classroom is beautiful!

  4. Today would be a wonderfull day to be one of the kids at your school!


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