Friday, July 24, 2009

fawell friends...

Hubs and I getting the heck out of dodge and driving to Oregon! Yee haw! One of my dearest friends from my junior high days is getting married. I would be slightly more excited if I hadn't tried to give my hair a little trim last night... oh well, it's livable-ish. :)

Here are a few more photos of some fun P.L. lessons taken on the last few days of school. See ya next week!

The child uses her pincer grip
to hang felt fruit from a mini-clothesline.

I'm not sure where the clothesline came from,
but I think it would be easy to make something similar

This child is using tongs
to transfer berries (fake) into an ice cube tray.

Wouldn't this be fun with REAL berries?
you could pour o.j. on top
and stick them in the freezer...
makes me think of the popsicles Lisa from
5 Orange Potatoes made with her daughters.
Check them out here.


  1. Your a champ! Thanks for the ideas.

    Have a awesome time at the wedding. And enjoy your new trim - Im sure it looks ridiculously spunky always.

  2. Hi! I have the same activity in my classroom, but I don't have berries - I have fake chocolate. My kids LOVE tonging.

  3. Love your site! Go by my site and pick up your blog award!:)))

  4. so cute I love it! 1I've seen this clothesline activity copied with one of those metal dish racks you buy at Walmart to raise up your dishes (double decker style) in a cubbord. Love the berries! 1I'm on the hunt for mini tongs for my montessori shelves at home :)


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