Thursday, July 23, 2009

dog crush

I have a new friend,
and this is her dog.
His name is Brody.

Rosie thinks she's died and gone to heaven.


  1. A new friend?!?! What?!? You can hardly keep up with the ones you have! ;) We need to catch up!

  2. yay for a new friend, and yay for new puppies(?!) buckets of water at the ready people!!

  3. I just saw my comment on my email and realised people may take me wrong, to be clear that I am not in fact Cruella De Vil in search of, erm, new fabric, I mean buckets of water to splash on randy dogs, not to drown little puppies!!

  4. Ha, ha! That's funny! I wondered what you were talking about - I know how much you like fur coats! ;) As for living puppies, one can only hope for several litters...

  5. no dear, it's you that wears dodgy fur jumpers, I think you'll find. I am the one throwing the red paint, lol.


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