Tuesday, June 16, 2009

cure for spring fever part 2

When life gives you lemons... make lemonade!
Life had given us inclement weather those last few days of school, so making lemonade seemed like the perfect plan. As you can probably imagine, it was a HUGE hit!

*1-2 lemons
*pumpkin carver (for cutting lemon)
*bowl for waste
*tiny spoon for removing seeds
*large spoon for stirring
*sugar (1/4 cupish)
*cups for serving
*cloth and sponge (for clean-up)

First, the child cuts the lemon in half. Eeek! Is that a knife?!?! No, it's a pumpkin carver! It's probably still semi-dangerous, but the child was shown how to use the carver correctly and safely. If you could see the concentration on his face, you would know he took the responsibility quite seriously. :)

Squeeze! Squeeze! Squeeze!

The child spoons out the seeds.

He pours the juice into the pitcher. Then, he adds the sugar, and tops it off with water. The line on the side of the pitcher (made from tape) shows him where to stop.

Finally, he stirs it up. Tiny feet begin to appear in the background. Everyone wants a taste!

This child is an obliging chef (bartender?).

He pours a glass for everyone, and they swarm in like bees to honey!

*If you're getting tired of looking at my dark, unfocused, grainy, sad photos - fear not! A new camera is on its way! I can't even begin to express how excited I am! Yay! Good pictures! Finally!


  1. I am SOOOO glad you are back! I love your blog style. The pictures are invaluable.

  2. nice activity - fun to make, and then drink, your lemonade!

  3. Great timing. Was thinking of making lemonade soon.

    Where did you get that pitcher from? I am thinking of purchasing one from Small Hands.

    Oh,and I laughed when I read your comment about your pics. Come on, my pics are far worse than yours!

  4. I'm glad to see you and your blog back! I tried this activity with my 4yo son and he loved it so much we've made lemonade several days in a row. He attends a Montessori school, so he's very accustom to the set up.

    ps...I tried a plastic lettuce knife for cutting the lemons and it worked great.


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