Monday, June 22, 2009


If you ever find yourself in Montana, you have to visit Bannack. It's pretty much the best ghost town ever - in my opinion. Virginia City (the Hollywood of ghost towns) is okay, but Bannack is the real deal.

You can pretty much poke around wherever you want.

Some of the houses look like this inside...

and some are a little less funky.

Can't you just imagine the gold miners and the outlaws and the soiled doves???

OH!!! I LOVE ghost towns!

If only I was born in 1882 instead of 1982...



  1. looks very cool. I have a thang for ghost towns too! When I was in school I used to live in a supposed haunted house - well someone died in it - and my friend and I were forever trying to chat to it. I guess it thought we were boring and had nothing interesting to say! (:

  2. where you really born in 1982?! Now I feel old :)
    That place looks like so much fun!!

  3. how neat....didn't know such a place existed!

    I have heard of Virginia City from watching a million Bonanza episodes with my ten yr. old! {wink, wink!}


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