Sunday, January 11, 2009

hello again!

Where has she been?

It's 2009, for crying out loud!


ski day count:
#11, #12, #13...

...#14, #15, #16

New Year's Eve

70's style

painting and reupholstering chairs

sanding, painting, and hanging molding
spray painting skulls
(Sorry, that sounds gross, but they look so hip in all the home decor mags... do they use real skulls, though? We do here in Montana.)

I'm so glad to be back! I've missed you all!
Montessori to come tomorrow, promise! :)


  1. Good Post! I have missed your posts! You should tell everyone that you didn't post last week because your class is so amazingly normalized that they would be bored looking at the pictures! hahah! It was a good week! By the way....Did you see that Montessori Journey noted you as inspiring! Way to go!!!! See you tomorrow~!

  2. Love the fabric you did your chair cushions in! And can't wait for more Montessori inspiration!!

  3. Thanks! The fabric was my first ever etsy purchase!

  4. Yay! cant wait for more. Yes love the chair cushions

  5. Welcome back, you have been missed :0), and I see Laura (My Montessori Journey) gave you an award, way to go!!

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  8. Last try, I must be tired, lol...

    Oh I apologise, your first comment from christycowett already mentioned your award.



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