Tuesday, December 23, 2008

a language game

This was going to be part of my "busy hands" post, but it's such a fun (and important) game, I decided to give it its own post!

playing a
blending game
with a teacher

**How to play this game:
Set 3 cards in front of the child, saying what is on each card. Have the child repeat what each picture is of after you say it. For example: "Dog. Please say dog." Next, say, "Please point to d-o-g (saying the sounds of the letters)." They child must then blend the sounds together to figure out which picture you're talking about. To make this game more challenging, put longer and longer pauses between the letter sounds. It's also fun have the child close her eyes, and then, you hide a dot under one of the pictures. "The dot is hidden under the d-o-g." An abstract version of this game could be played without pictures. "I'm thinking about something, and I'll give you a clue to see if you can figure it out. I'm thinking about a d-o-g. " When the child is able to tell you the sounds she hears in words, she's now segmenting. Segmenting is the key to reading success!


  1. These are fun games...there is a man who put together these phonemic games & others ways for the child to learn. I purchased some at a seminar a couple of years ago & they weren't too pricey ( or I wouldn't have bought them:)

    here's the website:

  2. Yes! Randall Klein's program is awesome! Our language avenue is a blend of his materials and traditional Montessori materials. Randall's actually a Montessori teacher, too. He lives in the town where I teach, so I've been to a few of his seminars. That's great that you use his materials, too! They're so simple, but really useful for playing language games.

  3. I like this game, and have not yet seen it. Right now we are playing "I spy" with just the beginning sound. This would work well now and before starting "I spy" it seems. I will also check out R.K. Thanks.

  4. Happy New Year, bit of something for you over at my place...

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