Friday, January 16, 2009

busy hands

Oh yes, the classroom has been a busy place during these weeks after Christmas break! I expected things to be a little crazy... like not in a good way crazy. I was totally wrong. Our classroom feels more normal and productive than ever. The children came back embracing the routine. They've eagerly practiced all their favorite lessons, and have happily watched us teachers present them with new ones. Everyday, I've gone home feeling awed by all of them. How did they become so mature in those two weeks they were away from me?! So many of them are becoming expert readers, writers, counters, and nutcrackers. I've barely had time to grab my camera!
writing books
cracking nuts
droppering water
Remember the little *h*hat knit for the phonemic object swap?
Here's the one I made for my classroom.
It has been getting some serious love.
sorting tiny objects by their
beginning sounds
I talked about this lesson here.
looking at *l* objects
I overheard this little one
telling the whole story of the letter *l.*
"*l*lantern, *l*lion, *l*lizard, *l*lock, *l*light bulb"


  1. What a great classroom! We've had the same response as you - focussed work and real progress! Must be something in the Montessori air!!

    We loved your mosaic work - coming soon(monday) to a classroom in suffolk uk!! Thanks for the lovely idea.

  2. I just *l*love the letter work, I really need to get him something like this made up, I had seen it all for sale forever ago in a few schooling catalogues, what? I want the good toys, not the crap they sell to parents;0), but they were crazy expensive for really not a lot.

  3. Oh my!! So many fun & educational ideas for my young children at home. Thanks again for the inspiration :)


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