Monday, December 1, 2008

shop 'til ya drop!

I was just reading my new Domino magazine, and they had an article about mom/architect/toy designer, Lisa Mahar. Read about her at Cookie here. Not to forever be into shopping, but I went to her online store and was quite impressed with her stuff.

I'm especially into this color-grading puzzle. Check it out here.

She also has some nice math activities. I liked these counting disks. Check them out here.

Aren't these radishes adorable? Check them out here.

Anyway, I am in no way endorsing Lisa's products - I've never bought anything from her store, but I definitely got a few good ideas from her site. I also liked what she told Domino magazine:

"Children can do a lot more
than we give them credit for.
I respect their ability
to discern craftsmanship and beauty."

True that!

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