Sunday, November 30, 2008

'tis the season...

R and I bought a lovely fake tree on Friday (and, no, we didn't trample anyone in the process) - this is going to be our first Christmas together as husband and wife. I think it's so romantic. R feels the same way; he just doesn't talk about it as much as I do!

We started decorating the tree yesterday. It still has a ways to go - we need to collect more ornaments from our parents. :) Since we're starting from zero on Christmas decor, I decided to choose a color theme - orange (because it's R's favorite color), aqua (because it's my fave), and green (because it's neutral territory). Also, I decided to start collecting bird ornaments because I think our house looks like a bird house. The bows are from ribbons I had saved off our wedding gifts!

These blue dishes are from the thrift store, the balls are from Michael's, and the birds are little clippy ones from World Market. The glittery garland is also from World Market. Sorry I sound so materialistic, but R and I did some major shopping on Black Friday. We were able to use up most of the gift cards we had received for our wedding. Although it was done unintentionally, it was a really good idea because we got such great deals on house stuff!

I love these bulls on our mantle. I got them from an antique fair this summer, and I think they're pretty humorous! I'm going to put some pine boughs up there with them soon.

I filled all my blue dishes with Christmas balls and birds and put them all over the house. The mirror is off of a medicine cabinet I bought at an antique fair this summer for $3. The knob is from Anthropologie. We were going to hang the cabinet in our bathroom, but it didn't work. I like the mirror on its own anyway!

I found the little bird salt and pepper shakers at Target. I think they look sweet with the balls and the corn in a tray on our coffee table. The second pic is of another blue dish on our guest room dresser - I'm in love with that orange phone ($5 at the thrift store).

I'm sure you're all ready for me to go back to school tomorrow and start blogging about the Montessori world again! :)


  1. I like your theme and colors.

  2. Anne, you are so cute it gives me cavities. Hey I think you will like my latest post!!!


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