Tuesday, November 18, 2008

turkey art

There are so many adorable turkey art projects out there - it was tough deciding which ones would work best on the art shelf! We teachers strive to set up an environment where the children can do things independently, and this little gobbler from Ramblings of a Crazy Woman fit the bill. I didn't set this lesson up, but Beth, one of my fab co-teachers, did. Yea, Beth! :)

First the child chooses a cup. When Beth preped the lesson, she drew three lines down the inside of the cup and cut a chunk out. The child cuts along each of the lines and then folds the sections back. Now he can decorate the "feathers" with markers. Next, the child chooses a pompom, googly eyes, beak and legs (made from pipe cleaners) and glues them to the center of the cup.

Here's our second turkey art project. I'm not sure who set this one up... possibly X-tine. It has been supremely popular since it made its art shelf debut on November 3. :)

The children also are able to do this lesson independently. First, the child traces his hand on a piece of construction paper. This is the challenging part: the child must cut this hand out. After it's been cut out, the child glues it to another piece of construction paper. I love seeing their little hands awkwardly traced and cut out. :) The older ones love helping the younger ones with this part of the project. Lastly, the child chooses feathers to glue to his fingers and a googly eye to glue on his thumb.

gobble, gobble, gobble!

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