Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I love my home...

I'm in a foggy, groggy, stuffy-nosed funk...

Our school celebrated its own Native American Day...

I was in charge of the buffalo taco bar.

I didn't have the heart to tell the children that in my foggy, groggy, stuffy-nosed state-of-mind,

I had bought beef,

not buffalo.

They proclaimed that the language area of the classroom should always be a taco bar. I would no longer be their teacher, but their waitress.


I finally made it home, after a white-knuckle, snow-storm drive in the dark.

Daylight savings time isn't always that incredible.

Now, I'm curled-up on the couch, with my darling husband taking care of me, reading a book about vampires.

home = love


  1. Let's turn the whole basement into a little bistro. Then we can be waitresses, get abused, yet make more $$$

  2. Hey! Can you even BUY buffalo where you live? I guess you probably can, huh! Hope you feel better soon!


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