Wednesday, October 8, 2008

one, two, buckle my shoe...

I am so excited about the new unbuckling shoes lesson in our classroom! Montessori Mama posted about this lesson in her toddler classroom a few weeks ago, and I was finally able to set it up in our classroom this morning. First, let me say how much I sympathize with moms searching for "real" things made just for their little ones to use. Each time I went thrifting for shoes with buckles, I would find several pairs, but the buckles would be non-functional! I would fall in love with a shiny pair of sweet little mary-janes, only to discover that the straps were attached with Velcro, and the buckles were just for decoration!

Anyway, I finally found this pair yesterday afternoon ($0.50), and they made their debut on the practical life shelf with great fanfare. I can understand why Velcro is a quick and easy alternative for parents - and teachers :), but, after watching the three children I presented this lesson to concentrate and really use their little finger muscles to open and close the buckles, I decided, "Go buckle, or go home!" Ha!

This lesson is perfect for the 3-year-olds in our classroom, and I know that some of the 4 and 5-year-olds can't wait to give it a try, too. We don't have a buckle dressing-frame, so real shoes make a great alternative. I presented this lesson both on the floor and at a table. Both ways seemed to work fine! :)

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