Tuesday, October 7, 2008

busy hands

hammering golf tees into clay

bumble bee finger play

here is the beehive (hold up fist)
but where are the bees?
they're hiding away where nobody sees
here they come, out of their hive

one, two, three, four five... (raise fingers as you count, when your hand is open, "fly" fingers in the air)
After the children have "buzzed" for awhile I remind them to "catch their bees!"

dry pouring

With October in full swing, the classroom truly is a beehive of activity! Our classroom is unique (and lucky!) because all three of us teachers are Caspari Montessori certified. With three "lesson teachers" in the classroom, the children are able to receive lots of lessons, and because we teachers have completed the same Montessori training, we are consistent in the way we present the lessons.

tracing the world map

Every so often, all the children settle into meaningful work, and we teachers stand back and say, "Wow! Is our classroom already normalized?"

sponge squeezing

Wait! Before you think I'm boasting, let me just reemphasize the every so often. Today was CRAZY!!! I'm not sure if it was a change in the barometric pressure (it's supposed to be in the 30's here by Friday), or what, but it was a wacky day. There were a few meaningful moments here and there, and I took some pictures to prove it. I need some inspiration for tomorrow!


clock work

useful words

apple counting

coffee grinding

hammering tacks

skip counting

gluing squares


tweezering sunflower seeds

1 comment:

  1. Hello again :)
    Love, love, loving your posts!
    Simple and full of inspirations, there are so many activities in this one that I'll be trying at home.

    Have you posted in any more depth how the children do the clock/time exercise? I will also have to look out for a sunflower head!

    Also, how do you keep the clay moist enough or do you have to change it regularly? I found that the clay I used went dry and crumbly really fast?

    With much enthusiasm :)


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