Sunday, November 10, 2013

e and her shadow

Shadow, shadow on the wall
Sometimes you're short, sometimes you're tall.
Either way, I love to see 
My good friend Shadow following me!  

Elise discovered her shadow a couple weeks ago, and it has been so much fun watching her interact with it! I constantly catch myself looking around to see who she's waving at, only to realize she's just saying hello to her shadow!  They're getting to be pretty good friends.  ;)

Usually, we just explore our shadows as they occur naturally, but we were up very early the other morning - thank you time change! - and needed something to pass the time before the sun came up.  I put one of Hubs' very bright shop lights in our darkened dining room, and gathered some items with good shadow-making potential.  I also set up a mirror, so Elise could see her reflection at the same time as her shadow.   We ended up having a really good time experimenting with shadows and reflections - even Rosie the dog! Ha!

Here's hoping you and your shadow have a great week!

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