Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a jack-o-lantern mosaic

Many of you lovely blogging friends gave me great ideas
of things to do with
paint swatches.

today we used them to make a jack-o-lantern mosaic.

First, I drew an outline of a jack-o-lantern on a big piece of paper.
I set out paint swatches in shades of orange, green and black.
I cut and glued on a few, so the children would get the idea
of what colors went where.

In the beginning, it was a little tricky for some of the children
to visualize what in the world we were trying to make,
but as the jack-o-lantern filled in, they all caught on.

It was kind of like working on a big puzzle...

each child stopped by the mosaic throughout the day,
pausing to cut and glue on a piece or two (or twenty),
and then went along with his or her daily business.

It's not quite finished
{it will be waiting for the children tomorrow morning}
but I wanted to give you a peek at how beautiful it is.

I love the sense of community it's brought to the classroom, too.
The children so often make things for themselves or their families;
it's been extra special for them to make something for their classroom!


  1. What a great project for a group to participate in.

  2. love this!!! you are so cool lady.
    PS thanks for the shout out about the threading work. :) I'm glad more kiddos are enjoying it.

  3. It's gorgeous!

  4. BTW, I told your cut paper pumpkin story to my daughter's preschool bunny class and they LOVED it - it was a huge hit, thanks for making me a rock star ; )
    happy halloween!


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