Friday, December 5, 2008

busy hands

Despite the fact that the children are already showing signs of holiday overload, our week in the classroom was fairly productive and definitely fun! :)

stringing a garland of
cranberries and popcorn

pin-punching a candy cane

experimenting with the
geometric solids
**This is a rare photo because
this doesn't happen very often
in my classroom!

ringing a bell in
the red rod maze
** the student's own design

numerals and counters
the holiday variation
**This lesson is usually
done on a rug
for obvious reasons!

decorating a
Christmas tree

**I laugh because I posted about
teeny ornaments, but
some of these
are HUGE!

decorating a
teeny Christmas tree
with teeny ornaments

** This lesson is actually
in the other classroom,
not mine!

droppering blue water
into a starry ice cube tray

baby washing

the red line says
"stop, don't go over me!"

** a water-transferring lesson

pouring jingle bells

tonging pineapples

tonging pineapples
in action

sorting holiday buttons

one fluffy pet bunny
braving the cold snow


  1. I love your weekly photo gallery. Such neat stuff going on in your classroom. I was glad to see the rug work on a table because that happens in my class too! I had a question..........for the popcorn, cranberry garland how did you do the thread/needles? Did you pre-thread a bunch of needles? What kind of needles and what type of thread do you use? I love this idea and am doing it at home this month with the boys, but hadn't thought to put it in the classroom.

  2. All looks so much fun!! Great ideas, so thanks! Thanks for your kind words on yet another of my misery posts :0)


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